Geo Tag Art

oook contributor Ryan Donn sat down with Heather Martin, the interim director of the Alternator Gallery to talk, which offers a location-based art experience to a wireless audience. invites you to visit the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park and check-in to an art experience showcasing video, sound, sculpture and painting. Link to works by Okanagan artists and explore creative connections to the land. We hope their ideas will stimulate and entertain as you walk, bike or hike along the Kettle Valley trail.

We encourage you to directly engage with their art and ideas in the places you like to spend time; on the lake, in parks, and in the city. is a portal to contemporary art that will challenge your expectations and excite your senses.

Visit Myra-Belleview
Check-in June 10 – October 31 to find new locations and artworks

About the Artists
Participating artists include members of the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art and the Ullus Collective: Victoria Baptiste, Mariel Belanger, Sue Bizecki, Tracey Bonneau, Jarod Charzewski, Levi George, Warren Hooley, James Masz, Natalia Leigh,  John Terbasket, and David Wilson.

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