“ART ROCKS in the CITY” – A Live Stone Sculpture Community Art Event in Kelowna

“ART ROCKS in the CITY” – A Live Stone Sculpture Community Art Event is an outdoor sculpture event taking place in the coming summer months in the heart of the Kelowna Cultural District. Twelve Members of the Kelowna Sculptors Network Society will work on 14 large marble boulders that are set up along the south-west corner of the Rotary Centre of the Arts. KSNS invites the public to come and see the kind of work that goes into making beautiful marble sculptures.


oook: What is the Kelowna Sculptors Network Society?

KSNS: The Kelowna Sculptors Network Society is a local group of budding & veteran sculptors who have formed a society and operate from their own collective studio located in the Rotary Centre of the Arts (Studio #112). The KSNS is a non-profit organization which supports sculptors by providing a venue where they can meet to share ideas and information. The society assists sculptors by organizing shows in galleries and public venues. It is dedicated to promoting public awareness and the appreciation of sculpture through workshops and demonstrations. The group is always interested in new members who have an interest in learning more about the process of creating sculptures, from wood, metal, stone, paper and more. They participate in several art shows, workshops and special events promoting sculpture as a unique artistic endeavor.


oook: Who is involved in the ARTS ROCKS in the City sculpture event?

KSNS: A dozen local sculptors from Kelowna Sculptors Network Society will be working over the summer on 14 large-scale donated marble stone sculptures on the Plaza of the Rotary Centre for the Arts. They include Esteban Castillo, Scott McKinnon Alex Mentes,Trevor Moen, Jeanne Bates, Mel Hunt, Lynden Beesley Jan Richmond, Elma Eidse Neufeld, Dev Walton, Donna Lee and Alasdair Smith at work and to interact directly with the artists during their breaks.


oook: How can the community become involved in this project?

KSNS: One sculpture will feature a Community Art Project component; a contest for youth to submit their artwork ideas to be etched onto a sculpture being worked on by all the artists. This sculpture will be donated to the community. The committee is seeking suggestions for a location that can provide secure public access for the work in perpetuity. On Saturday July 30th, there will be a celebration at the Kelowna Art Gallery to honor the 10 winning youth, whose art will be featured on the stone! There will also be teaching sessions on carving at the site over the summer

In addition, there will be an opportunity for the public to vote on their favorite sculpture for a “People’s Choice Award”. The winner will be announced at the closing reception at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in early September. The sculptors are looking forward to a busy summer of carving.

Artists collecting their pieces of marble


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  1. Jeanne Bates says:

    this looks great and gives lots of good information.
    Could you update it to show how much we’ve progressed, and to add the date and place of the Closing Reception?

    Some very nice sculpting is going on, please come visit us any time!

    • katie says:

      Hi Jeanne, we’d love to do an update. It sounds like you’re involved in the project. If so, please send along some more info about your progress so that we may post it.

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