Jewel of a Hertiage Home Tucked Away in Coldstream

oook:Where is the Mackie House?

RJ: The Mackie Lake House is like a secret jewel waiting to be discovered in Coldstream, BC. Seems to me everyone in town has heard of Mackie House but not everyone knows where it is. Well, the mystery is over. We can be easily found at 7804 Kidston Road-right across from Kidston Elementary, and on the way to Kalamalka Provincial Park.


oook: What does it do?

RJ: Mackie Lake House is a non-profit Foundation dedicated to conserving our regional history via educational programs and tours, as well as creating an arts and cultural outlet in the North Okanagan. We also accept bookings inside the house for parties up to 50 people, and outside has a capacity of 150+


oook: How did it become a cultural institution?

RJ: Mackie Lake House became a cultural institution a decade ago when Patrick Mackie passed away and bequeathed his family’s property to The Foundation.


oook: What is the best thing about the Mackie House?

RJ: The best thing about the Mackie House is its over-abundance of energy and character. This place is an Arts and Crafts style mansion that has not been renovated once since it was built in 1910. The architecture is amazing, and so are all of the artefacts’ inside the home.


oook: What’s happening next at the Mackie House?

RJ: The next thing happening at Mackie Lake House is Hoop Dancing Workshops on Sunday, July 17th, 10:00am-1:00pm with Lisa Janzen, Hooper Extraordinaire.


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