Family Art Fun Every Sunday at Gallery Vertigo’s Smarties Program

oook: What is Gallery Vertigo’s Smarties program?
Skye: S.M.A.R.T.I.E.S. is a program is a drop-in children’s class offered Sunday from 2:00pm – 4:00pm, ages range from anywhere between 5 and 12 years, offered by Gallery Vertigo. I find it helps build skills and interest of arts. Every week offers something different from a different teacher. I have seen the children develop their public speaking and confidence with a drama class. Whereas when I taught my first class I focussed on sharing and team work, where the children all worked together to create a final mixed media painting of their own. I bring my baby Amelia with me while I teach as well, I can’t wait for her to grow old enough to participate and have fun developing her artistry.

oook: What made you want to get involved in Smarties?
Skye: The influence of art drastically affects us in our everyday life; we use it everywhere in most careers. An introduction to art at a young age is very enriching for children’s futures. It increases their knowledge and develops their skills, which can give more opportunity for a career. For example several careers that include a main focus of art include: interior design, architect, commercials/advertising, interactive media design. Honestly the list is endless of possibilities where art is applied in adult life.
Kristin: I’m a UBCO recent graduate in Creative Writing and English Literature. Since graduating I’ve has thrown myself out there in search of a creative community and came across Gallery Vertigo and their Smarties program. I  loves working with the kids and am blown away every week by their creative minds and creations! I had never taken part in something like it when I was younger, and I find that the program a good way to get kids interested in and doing art. Just bringing kids down to the art gallery is a great thing to encourage their artistic drive.
Skye Moore and Kristin Burns are both studio artists at Gallery Vertigo and help to facilitate the Smarties, Family Art Fun at Gallery Vertigo in the heart of downtown Vernon.




Sunday – July 3rd – 2-4PM
Movement Drawing with Ryan Robson

Sunday – July 10th – 2-4PM
Bracelets with Bev Mitchell

Sunday – July 17th – 2-4PM
A Gift of Art with Cherie Hanson

Sunday – July 24th – 2-4PM
KITE with Skye Moore

Sunday – July 31st – 2-4PM
Name Art with Kristin Burns


Sunday – August 7th – 2-4PM
People and Faces with Tina Siddiqui


SMARTIES PARTIES! Lots of activities…in the park weather allowing.

Goodies and a scavenger hunt!

with Ryan Robson and Kristin Burns


SMARTIES PARTIES! Join us to celebrate the end of SMARTIES for the summer…see you again in September!

No registration necessary, just drop in for some fun… Everyone is welcome…wear old clothes and bring your imagination. We’ll supply materials, encouragement and smiles! Suggested Donation: $3.00 per person. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Teens and Seniors are welcome too. Volunteers interested in art are invited to come down and assist at the workshops. No experience necessary. It happens every Sunday from 2 to 4pm.

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