Many Hats Theatre Company opens“Here on the Flight Path” on July 7

Many Hats Theatre Company is based in Penticton and has a new production opening July 7th. oook did a little digging to find out more.

oook: How did the Many Hats Theatre company come to be?

MH: Many Hats Theatre Company (MHTC) is a cooperative venture started in late 2007 by 20 of the Okanagan’s most talented and passionate theatre aficionados who were interested in producing Professional Quality theatre for local audiences. We strive to bring our growing audiences the very best and most varied theatre experience possible.

We settled on the name Many Hats because, as a cooperative, each of us assumes different roles (on and off stage) for each production. E.G. we each wear ‘ Many Hats.’  We also utilize the talents of ‘outsiders’ in all capacities.

Operating as a Co-op also means that after all production expenses are paid each member of the cast and crew receive a share of the proceeds. This is a unique concept among Okanagan Theatre companies!

Our first production was Norm Foster’s “Maggie’s Getting Married” which ran in February 2008.  We are now in our fourth year having produced five plays in each year. “Here on the Flight Path” which opens July 7 is our 18th production!

oook: Who is involved in your productions?

MH: While we try and utilize the talents of our Co-op members first  anyone can audition for parts and talented designers and other theatre artists are always welcome to submit ideas for productions.

In addition to actors the talent represented within the Co-op includes: Directors, Producers, Sound and Lighting Designers, Stage Managers, Costumers, Properties Artists, Set Builders and more! The common bond is the passion we feel for our art!

Total theatre experience of the members is in the hundreds of years!!

oook: Wow. Impressive. How do you choose what plays you will present? 

MH: We generally finalize our season in October of the preceding year. To qualify a script must be presented to the general Co-op membership for consideration. Each member of the Co-op must read the script in order to have a vote on its acceptability.

Generally a Producer and Director who  present a play for consideration to the Co-op include some production ideas. We feature comedies, mysteries, modern and classics with a heavy emphasis on the work of Canadian playwrights.

The general guidelines are that the play must be of a scale which fits on the Cannery Stage (which does have some limitations.)  Also it must appeal to our audience and must be marketable. So far we’ve steered clear of any plays that are too controversial or too ‘racy.’

oook: That’s good. So, no what’s next for Many Hats?

MH: Our next show a wonderful Norm Foster comedy “Here on the Flight Path” opens on July 7 and runs until July 30. After that we have the ‘thinking man’s mystery’ “Ravenscroft” by Don Nigro which opens on September 8 and runs until October 1. Final show in the 2011 season opening November 10 will be “Christmas Belles” an hilarious inside look at a Christmas Pageant in production  at a small-town Texas church.

Our fifth season will be announced at the opening of “Christmas Belles.”

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  1. Wanda says:

    Many Hats productions are terrific. Anyone who likes lives theatre, and anyone who doesn’t, should attend one of their performances. This theatre company is a real gem of the South Okanagan.

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