Art & Culture @ defines Art & Culture as the following:

ART: creative pursuits and activities that result in some kind of expression – visual, temporal, physical, intellectual or metaphysical  – that enrich the lives of those who experience and/or interact with these creative pursuits and activities

Examples of things thinks is art: visual arts, writing, music, performance, dance,  media, food, the sharing of ideas, concepts, information and expertise.

CULTURE: the result of multiples persons interacting with and/or experiencing art (as defined above), who then share these experiences with others to creates groups of people who share a common interest in artistic experiences, which hence creates culture; communal appreciation of the arts.

Examples of cultural events: openings, closings, exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures, forums, discussion groups, readings, screenings, tastings, festivals, conferences, workshops, classes, camps, drop-in sessions, seminars, tours, demos, open houses, fundraisers, auctions, show and sales, calls for submissions, calls for participation, calls for volunteers, etc.


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