We are an Okanagan based Art & Culture website dedicated to finding and showcasing the best and newest events, artists and activities going on in the Okanagan Valley.

oook.ca officially launched on June 30th, 2011 – yeah us! oook.ca began as a side project by aritst and curator Katie Brennan. Initially called OKnow, oook.ca began as a listserv in October 2009. It was created as a way to address the lack of a contemporary arts and cultural scene in the Okanagan. OKnow did this by providing its subscribers with a FREE weekly listing of all the events happening each week in and around Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton and all points in between. It listed things like: openings, concerts, lectures, readings, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, classes, seminars, forum, performances, volunteer opportunities and calls for submission, etc.

In December 2011, Katie Brennan began collaborating with Jason Vance, a graphic designer and business collaborator (he’s in the business of helping others with their business).¬† After many months of planning, oook.ca was born.

To date, oook.ca is created FOR FREE through the work of Katie and Jason and their merry band of oook collaborators – see our contributors page to meet these great folks!
If you like what you see here and you’d like to tell us about it and/or you’d like to contribute to oook.ca, we’d love to hear from you.

Katie Brennan & Jason Vance



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